Pore Vacuum Review: Are They Effective?

FACT: There are heaps of tools a beauty blogger like me could bring home to use with my partner until one day I chose to bring a pore vacuum – a device that has gone viral on Instagram over the years for sucking out blackheads in a matter of seconds.

It sounded too good to be true. So I decided to give it a test – but, on my partner first whose blackhead-speckled nose has been the bane of my existence. 

What Is a Pore Vacuum?

Unlike other beauty tools that don’t go by their names, a pore vacuum is a suction-y device that vacuums your pores.

YES. You read it right – you just start the device. Stick the round tip on your skin, then gently slide it over your pores. I have to admit that it felt extremely satisfying watching the junk get abducted from my partner’s pores like a dreamy nightmare.

I used the classic! basic model for this trial despite some pore vacuums are accompanied with microdermabrasion capabilities or sold with prep serums and treatments. 

Testing The Pore Vacuum

~ The prep ~

After telling my boyfriend of my plan for his blackheads. We carried out a little preparation ahead of the purge. As advised by dermatologists! we followed their recommendation to loosen first the debris in pores before the extraction process. 

Seeing my partner refused to indulge in a hot shower. I used a facial steamer for ten minutes to help soften the outer layer of his skin. Well, it took less time compared to a lengthy shower, according to le dude. 

~ The Suctioning ~

Every device may be distinctive in features. But the one I used has five levels of suctioning intensity: from butterfly kiss (level one) to a high school hickey suck (level five).

Setting on level two. I gently glided the vacuum across the sides and creases of his nose. It was recommended to avoid keeping the suction in one place for more than three seconds. So you need to move somewhat quickly. 

Nothing significant happened on level two, so we decided to go up one more level which promptly led one tiny blackhead to pop out.

It was truly a rush, magical. Motivated! I kept suctioning his nose and cheek areas for approximately five minutes, going back and forth over each area and experimenting level four for less than a second. I managed to remove six blackheads in the end. 

~ The Aftermath ~

At some point. I have to admit that the pore vacuum was tightly stuck to my partner’s skin that when I tried to lift it from his nose. It went down to his mouth and sucking up his lip.

He eventually gave up after his skin became sore from the extraction. His nose was red but, after 30 minutes, the redness slowly dissipated and his blackheads were gone – POOF.

I finished with a radiance renewal mask that is great at brightening hyperpigmentation, targeting and preventing blackheads in the future. OR! you can finish with a calming and repairing mask if you need to relieve red, sensitive or irritated skin.  

Are Pore Vacuums Bad For Your Skin?

Pore vacuums can be an effective way extract already-loosened blackheads. One concern is! however, the vacuum’s intensity – your skin can get bruised if the suction is too strong.

Clinically! it is called telangiectasia when your blood vessels dilate as a result of putting excess pressure on the skin surface. Such broken capillaries are thin, red in appearance and can be permanent. You’d have to undergo a laser treatment to get rid of them. 

Also! be careful using the device around your eye area as the skin is exceptionally thin. 

The Bottom Line

Since we have a better understanding of the potential side effects of pore vacuums. It may be a little easier to make a sound decision on whether to add the device to your skincare routine.

If your skin isn’t reactive or easily irritated. A pore vacuum is an effective gadget for removing any dead skin, makeup, and oils from the surface of your pores.

The pore-clearing suction also enhances blood flow and circulation by activating skin’s essential healing process. Which ultimately builds elastin and collagen that makes skin radiant and firm. 

Semi-empty pores will naturally fill back up within a few days thus it is important to avoid squeezing your blackheads by hand. Which can cause damage to your skin – I know, it is tempting.

Pore vacuums, on the other hand. Can be a great alternative to prevent congestion and to remove deep, stubborn blackheads. When used occasionally with a proper preparation and good skincare routine. These tools will improve the look of your skin and reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.  

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